My Ten High School Boyfriends

Ahh, those awkward memories of high school… my days of rapid-fire serial monogamy, uncontrollable hormones, confusing friends-with-benefits-type-situations, and obsession with Japanese boys. I had a severe addiction to new relationship energy; as soon as the emotional high of an existing relationship started to fade, I’d discover a shiny new male creature to fall in love with. I thrived […]

Vagina Boat

This Week in Sex: Vagina Boat

Okay, the title is a lie. I don’t run TWIS posts every week so it probably should be something more like “This Year(?) in Sex” however the word “week” sounds better, so, you know. Deal with it. From My Room My most popular post yet: I dish all the details about having amazing sex with Epiphora. We-Vibe featured my […]

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