New York Toy Collective Shilo

New York Toy Collective Shilo Dildo

The New York Toy Collective Shilo has become my #1 favorite silicone dildo.

The toy’s bright, beautiful tie-dyed lime and turquoise create the most amazingly delicious dildo color combo I’ve laid eyes on. But besides its handsome good looks, Shilo is the dildo I very frequently reach for when it’s orgasm time.

Why is it so good?

Squishy Excellentness

Shilo is crafted from a very soft, pliable, flexible silicone, with a strong bendable core. The squish level of the silicone paired with toy’s girth gives me the feeling of fullness I love, without being bulky or uncomfortable. Shilo also features a large pronounced head, which is perfectly shaped and sized for massaging my G-spot with every thrust.

I’m personally not a fan of glossy silicone – I find Shilo’s subtle matte texture feels more realistic, creating a pleasurable drag to the surface during use. Because of this subtle texture, I can feel each stroke of the dildo inside of me. With many dildos, my thrusting tends to be shallow, since I often prefer slow grinding motions (especially with girthy toys). When I use Shilo, I’ve found I vary my thrusting motions more. To me, longer strokes with Shilo are immensely pleasurable, in comparison to longer strokes with a good amount of other dildos I’ve used.

The one and only negative I’ve found with Shilo is that this dildo consumes lube at an alarming rate – something I’ve found is common with the similarly realistic-feeling VixSkin silicone as well. So just make sure your lube bottle is at-the-ready.

Bendy Wonderfulness

Shilo is designed as a “Pack and Play” dildo, meaning the bendable core is in part meant for harnessing the dildo and tucking it away in your pants, ready at any moment to whip it out for fucking. As a skinny 5-foot tall person, I wouldn’t be able to pack Shilo unless I wanted a very obviously ENORMOUS bulge in my pants, so I can’t speak much to this function, but others have applauded its Pack and Play abilities.

For me, the strong, bendable wire core allows for in-the-moment customization, to get the perfect angle for whatever you need. Lying down flat and wanting the base to curve toward you for an easy masturbation handle? Yep. Going at it reverse cowgirl on a Liberator Wing, needing a dildo that bends backwards? Check. More comfortable positioning during strap-on play with a partner? Totally!

New York Toy Collective Shilo

Strap-on Fucking Perfection

Shilo is absolutely perfect for strap-on sex. The soft silicone allows for vigorous thrusting without pain or discomfort to my body. Shilo’s large but squishy head bumps up against my cervix without poking or ramming it.

I find that many dildos are too long for my vagina, which both prevents my partner from entering me fully, and can result in the dreaded cervix punching (ouch). So for me, I love this toy’s moderate 6.5″ length, combined with its 1.5″ diameter girth. My petite body size can manage the entirety of Shilo, making strap-on sex far more enjoyable to me.

The bendable core allows the person harnessing Shilo to pose their penis in aesthetically pleasing ways. It also means when the toy pops out – whether from your pants, or an orifice of some sort – it doesn’t launch out like a silicone catapult. (Let’s just say I’ve been accidentally slapped right in the face with a VixSkin Mustang before…)

And It Looks Good, Too

I find Shilo a very useful as a cam performer, since the toy’s bendable core allows me to move the wide base out of the way of the webcam’s lens. This allows me to show all the dildo-in-vulva action to my viewers, without compromising the insertion angle of the dildo. I can also easily ride this dildo in varying positions on cam, while maintaining a good viewing angle, since I can simply bend the toy into a useable angle for insertion.

Shilo’s large head is popular with my cam viewers, as well as the brilliant tie-dye – I’ve heard every possible way to describe the green & blue colors, from alien and smurf to playdoh and Willy Wonka. This toy also comes in a few other bright marbled Lisa Frank hues, as well as 4 pleasing neutral skin tone shades, jet black, and hot pink.

All of these words are my way of telling the world, “Say yes to Shilo!” This dildo is such a staple in my collection that my cam room regulars can call it out by name. What even was masturbation before this toy entered my life? I can barely remember. I am absolutely in love with the New York Toy Collective Shilo.

This toy was sent to me courtesy of SheVibe in exchange for an honest and thoughtful review. Thank you, SheVibe!

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