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Awesome photo credit: Epiphora

Most people put on clothes to do their jobs. But in my new line of work, I specialize in taking them off.

I was always vaguely aware that live webcam sex work existed on the internet, but three years ago when I discovered Unique Passion’s camming advice YouTube videos, I started to seriously consider trying out cam performing. Originally, it was just a sexy idea that sounded like a fun way to explore my interest in exhibitionism. However, when I nervously brought it up to the person I was dating at the time, he forbade me from doing any such thing. Feeling shamed, I dropped the conversation and left it at that.

Fast forward to earlier this year, when I was working through a career change. Could cam modeling work be a viable source of supplementary income while I trudged through the traditional job search?

I had a lot to think about before I made the decision to become a cam model. Would I regret it later in life, since nothing on the internet will ever go away completely? Would it ultimately just make me feel bad about myself? Would I would be able to deal with jerks who would treat me like some kind of lesser-class human?

After weeks of researching cam work, reading through cam model forums, and just hours and hours of thinking, I finally decided to go for it.

To anyone who assumes that cam modeling is easy, no-effort money – you are mistaken. There are only a magical few who can do absolutely nothing and have money thrown in their general direction. Cam work is hard fucking work, which I think makes it even better. I work hard for every single cent that I earn.

If I’m not live on cam, I’m filming, editing, and distributing photos and videos to sell, building up my social media accounts, working on my website, replying to emails, promoting myself, carefully recording my earnings, brainstorming new ideas… and it’s all worth it, as I watch my work pay off into more followers and fans, regular viewers that I genuinely enjoy spending time with, and income.

I take pride in my new online porn career, and how all my success stems directly from my own efforts running my own business. Camming is now my main source of income, and I no longer feel like I need to pretend it is just a temporary thing until I find a “real job”. My new career makes me feel good about myself, and proud of my business success. I really enjoy every aspect of my work, from performing to marketing to bookkeeping.

I now regularly broadcast my naked body live across the globe to hundreds of viewers each cam session. Getting naked on the internet is the best job I’ve ever had, and I couldn’t be happier.

  • LolaDown

    You look great!

  • Polly Vincere

    I *love* this post. You talked about cam sex work the same as people discuss nonsex work – in a way that makes it very clear you are intelligent about your chosen career. The reason I love this post is because I can share it with my “vanilla” friends and they will GET it.
    Thank you.

  • Diana Modele

    I’m glad you are happy about what you do instead of listening to society’s negative critique of it. Question: How long did it take to earn a decent income? I’m a pansexual, polyamorous person as well.

  • 🎃⭐aj⭐👻

    the link to the camming advice videos doesn’t seem to work, any chance of updating that?