CrashPadSeries Membership Giveaway Giveaway

Marking one whole year of sex toy blogging at Aerie’s Room, and in the name of watching beautiful bodies tremble in pure orgasmic bliss, I am so excited to host my very first giveaway!

The amazing queer porn site CrashPadSeries is generously providing the winner of this giveaway with two months of membership. This membership will be at the “Level 2” tier of subscription, which includes access to over 160 streaming episodes, thousands of photos, as well as streaming Behind The Scenes interviews with the stars.

Based on the Award-Winning feminist queer porn The Crash Pad, Queer Filmmaker Shine Louise Houston brings to the web authentic female and queer sexuality. Here you’ll find real dyke porn, lesbians, femme on femme, boi, stud, genderqueer and trans-masculine performers, transwomen, transmen, queer men and women engaging in authentic queer sexuality, whether it is with safer sex, strap-on sex, cocksucking, kink and bdsm, gender play and fluidity, and always authentic orgasms.

Much thanks to CrashPadSeries for providing this amazing grand prize! Entering the giveaway is easy – just use the Rafflecopter widget below.

This giveaway ends on Monday, February 24th at 11:59 P.M. PST.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Terms & Conditions:

  • Open to entrants 18+ years old only.
  • Open to entrants worldwide where not prohibited by law.
  • Ends February 24, 2014 at 11:59 P.M. PST.
  • Winner will be determined at random, and notified by email.
  • Full terms & conditions can be viewed via the Rafflecopter widget above.


2/25 Update:

The winner of the giveaway is Apricot Creams! Congrats!

Thank you to everyone who supported me, my blog, and CrashPadSeries by tweeting and commenting!

  • Matthew McCollum

    I hope I win. Ive wanted one for like FOREVER!!!!!!!

  • Anstia

    I met Courtney Trouble in Australia when she came over for a tour… and I’d LOVE to see her in action 🙂

  • Scarlet Archer

    I have a huge crush on Billy Castro, and I’d love to see him with Red! <3

  • Vian

    I ADORE Jiz Lee, but I don’t really have the funds to afford a monthly membership. I’d gladly take the two months just to see Jiz in action in a proper film!

  • sheboppin

    sexy feminist stuff.

  • To learn more about amazing sex as well as feminist porn.

  • SkyeStrumpet

    I have wanted crashpad for so long, but it’s just never been in my budget, would be such a thrill to see porn of people like me!

  • Amber Awake

    I’m not against porn, but I’ve always found it so hard to find porn that makes me smile instead of cringe. I really want to watch the pretty sexy hot stuff I’m only getting smidge clips of!!! <3

  • Artemisia FemmeCock

    Uuuuh, babin porn! I love crashpad but I’ve never has a subscription. I’m all about the behind the scenes videos too.

  • I have the biggest crush on Arabelle Raphael, and the behind the scenes videos would be pretty interesting to watch too!

  • Mat

    I can’t even single out one performer who I’d be most excited to see – almost everyone who has ever been in Crash Pad is on my list to watch!

  • Actual decent porn for once!

  • One of the most consistently hot and affirmative producers ever!

  • Mitch Evans

    So excited about this giveaway as I’m a big CrashPad fan!

    I’m FTM and love seeing other FTMs getting it on; so it is perfectly to my taste 😀

  • patterson_johnm

    Watching with my wife

  • Matthew McCollum

    So when will we know if you won or not?

  • The winner of the giveaway is Apricot Creams! Congrats!

    Thank you to everyone who supported me, my blog, and CrashPadSeries by tweeting and commenting!