Tantus Cush O2

Tantus Cush O2

Cush O2 is a dual-density, high quality silicone dildo from Tantus. Its name accurately describes the feeling of the soft, translucent outer layer of silicone, which is so wonderfully cushiony and squishy I personally think it should be called the Goosh. I really don’t understand why no one ever hires me for these kinds of things.

Setting: Important Tantus Business Meeting

Dildo Executive #1: Behold! The newest product in our O2 line. Dildos for everyone! Pass the dildos around!

Dildo Executive #2: All we need is some good suggestions on what to name this one.  And stop telling us the names of your boyfriends.

Dildo Executive #1: Yes? You there, in the back, wearing a hat in the shape of… is that a TARDIS?

Aerie: I shall call it… the TANTUS GOOSH! *repeatedly smooshes soft silicone tip up against cheek*

Dildo Executives (in unison): Get that weirdo out of here!

Aerie (while being dragged out of the general Lake Tahoe area): GOOOSH!

But really, that is what you will want to do with the Cush. You will want to squish it in your palm, and pinch the smooth, satiny tip between your fingers. You will want to grab it, fondle it, and poke it. Cush is like an erotic stress relief ball.

And, of course, you will want to have sex with it.

Cush is a girthy toy, with a diameter of 1.75″ and a length of 7″. Although I wouldn’t (yet?) call myself a size queen , I lust after the incredibly filling sensation I get when using this dildo. The squishy, tapered tip helps ease the insertion, and with much lube and some warming up, I can take it slightly past the protruding ripple.

Cush feels just as heavenly to squeeze with my vagina as it does with my hand. Thrusting is easy with the large, flared base, but it doesn’t take much movement to enjoy this thick dildo. Even though the silicone is very draggy, this actually adds to the cushiony soft feel of the surface. The core, however, is incredibly stiff, ensuring you will really feel the size and girth of this toy. The moment I place a good vibe on my clit, I’m coming in no time.

I love, LOVE this dildo. With its squishy outer layer supported by a rigid inner core, the dual-density of Cush has been balanced just perfectly… neither painfully stiff nor frustratingly floppy. Just as you would expect from this excellent toy company, Tantus Goosh Cush O2 is a magnificent dildo and absolutely worth every penny.

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