Aerie’s Room #01 – CatalystCon West 2013

Presenting the first video show for Aerie’s Room, where I talk about my experience at CatalystCon West 2013.

My apologies for the video quality, and the obnoxious choppy editing job! I was so nervous recording this show that I couldn’t speak in complete sentences like a normal human being. Here’s hoping I’ll get better at this with practice.

Show notes:

Update 11/14: Epiphora has written an epic post about Catalyst West, explaining in great detail all the greatness that happened!

  • I love this! I know what you mean about having a difficult time summarizing the weekend. I’m still struggling to convey all the glory to people!

  • GIMME THOSE TEENIES! I wish I could have went to CCON and steal those from you =P Grats on your first video! It’s really great! I can’t wait to be able to attend a CCON one day…Wish that day comes fast enough U.U

    • I hope you can make it to CCON some day! I’m sure you would have a great time, and I would love to meet you!

  • YOU ARE THE CUTEST AND BEST and this is so awesome I can’t even. Made me all excited remembering how much fun we had. I love that you were clutching the tiny dicks like nbd.

  • Aww I’m getting all nostalgic watching this…and Epiphora is right, you are adorable!