Bad Dragon Cole the Dane

Bad Dragon Cole The Dane

I have to admit the first thing I did after receiving and washing my Cole the Dane was pop it into my mouth. The vivid sorbet-like hues in my custom coloring of this dildo look delicious and turned out even better than I had imagined. Although flavorless without even a hint of a candy sweet taste, the soft squishy silicone felt fantastic on my tongue and I was already smitten with my first Bad Dragon toy.

Bad Dragon is a company known for their fantasy-themed sex toys, premium quality silicone, and extensive customizability. Catering to members of the furry fandom, Bad Dragon offers dildos and masturbators shaped like the imagined genitalia of anthropomorphic creatures. Furry porn has long been one of my kinks, and I always admire well-drawn furry artwork and well-made unusual dildos. Don’t be too quick to disregard these toys even if you don’t share this fetish; the unique and fun shapes that Bad Dragon makes are still worth a look.

For my Cole the Dane, I chose size small, in medium firmness with a custom split fade color. Cole’s size small measures 7 inches in length, with 5.5 inches insertable and a maximum 6.75 inch circumference on the girthy knot. The medium firmness is pretty flexible and easily bendable, yet sturdy enough to stand up on its own large, flat base. Cushiony and squishy with some resistance, this firmness feels fairly similar to a human penis that is erect but not rock solid. Cole’s surface is matte and lightly textured with a high amount of drag. While a buttery smooth surface is desirable on many silicone toys, the draggy texture of this canine-ish dildo feels intentionally designed and nice to the touch. Cleanup is straightforward, with a little extra attention to wash out any fluids that get trapped in the tiny indent of the meatus.

Bad Dragon Cole The Dane

Cole’s tip is a little pointed, but in a medium firmness the tip doesn’t feel pokey or uncomfortable during use. Before the knot, the shaft is easy to take and penetration is shallow at just over 3 inches. While thrusting and trying to work in the entire dildo, the knot feels fantastic pounding against my labia, and after plenty of warming up the knot slides in with a nice pop. Knotting this toy feels wonderful and very filling.

What blows my mind with Cole, however, is turning the dildo slightly so that the most bulbous part of the knot bumps up against my G-spot. This is where the drag of the matte surface really shines: it very lightly pulls on my G-spot with each thrust, providing an incredibly pleasing stroking sensation. In contrast, the nJoy Pure Wand renders an equally amazing but entirely different polished effect. As a big fan of G-spot toys, I absolutely love Cole’s unexpected ability to stimulate in this way.

Cole the Dane is as great of a dildo as it looks, and excellent in size small with medium firmness. Judging from my experience with this toy, Bad Dragon is worthy of all the hype they get from reviewers and fans. Cole is a new favorite of mine and I look forward to trying other Bad Dragon products.

This toy was sent to me courtesy of Bad Dragon in exchange for an honest and thoughtful review.

  • Excellent review, that was a great description and the photos are excellent. Do you think the firmness of the silicone affects the useability of the knot? Say two identical toys, one in soft silicone and the other in hard, Would the knot still be usable in the hard model or would the size and difference in firmness be too much to overcome?

  • Camryn Jones

    Serbert colors! Yummy!
    Nice review. In looking through Bad Dragon’s selection I disregarded this model due to the size of its knot, but this review makes me think I should give Cole and my vagina a chance to get to know each other. My Comet Wand gives me that grabby sensation on my G-spot and I love it, but it’s not a thrusting toy and I really like thrusting. Cole sounds like he’s just my type!

  • FieryRed

    Nice. I love the customizability of their toys, though with most of them, even the small size sounds pretty big for me. Eventually I will own one. Or more.