Tantus Little Secret Spoon

Tantus Little Secret Spoon

One of the five toys in the Tantus Little Secret line of mini vibes, the Little Secret Spoon‘s sleeve consists of high quality silicone in a brilliant, shimmery orange hue. The surface is smooth and glossy, with far less drag compared to many silicone toys. Although the Spoon is marketed for G-spot stimulation, its mini size makes it difficult to position well and hang onto while inserted into the vagina; also, I doubt everyone’s G-spot would be in reach of this toy. Instead, I find this shape incredibly pleasing on my clitoris.

When warmed to the body and slippery with lube, the broad shape of the Spoon’s tip feels reminiscent of a gentle, wet tongue. Good oral sex gets me off like nothing else, and it is easy to glide this toy over and around the vulva and clit to tease and caress in a very similar way. I’ve rapidly developed a bit of an obsession with the sleeve’s amazing ability to simulate oral.

The included bullet vibe, however, drives me insane. I find it baffling that the bullet only has one speed setting for the price. I tend to enjoy moderate power levels, and the one speed happens to be pretty decent for me. It definitely won’t, however, be strong enough for many, especially when slightly muffled inside the sleeve. The bullet is usually pretty quiet and hard to hear under a blanket, but I’ve found that holding it in certain ways results in unpleasantly loud rattling noises. Also, the button is often difficult to trigger on and off (even more so with a lubed up finger), and it is frustratingly difficult to remove or insert the bullet into the sleeve.

I really wish Tantus would sell the Little Secret sleeves separately from the bullet vibes. I’d love to collect and try out all five sleeves, but the price is much too high for this… also, I really have no desire to end up with five of these miserable one-speed bullets.

Despite my rage at the bullet, I’m still madly in love with the Spoon’s sleeve, which secured my endless devotion once combined with the We-Vibe Salsa. The Salsa’s size and shape is nearly a mirror image of the Tantus bullet, and fits neatly into the sleeve, providing a far more enjoyable rumbly sensation with a range of speeds and patterns. As the Salsa has now been discontinued, however, I’ve seen other reviewers note that the sleeve also fits on the We-Vibe Tango: a toy nearly identical to the Salsa except for color choice and a slight difference in the shape of the tip.

Pairing the Little Secret Spoon‘s sleeve with the Salsa/Tango has quickly become a favorite choice, for both clit-only masturbation sessions, as well as combining with another toy for dual vaginal and clitoral stimulation. It gets me off every time with orgasms that are absolutely glorious.

  • I love ONE condoms! I remember I once had one with a basketball wrapper, and I just thought it was the coolest thing ever. Looking forward to your reviews!

    • I love them too! The designs are just too fun.

  • Camryn Jones

    I’m with you on collecting the sleeves, especially if they sold as a set! I can’t decide which one I want, but my Salsas are all naked and sleeveless so I ought to make up my mind. Thanks for the review!

  • Pantophile Panic

    With you completely that Tantus should sell these separately for a lower price. I want to get all of the sleeves and have them each affixed to a we-vibe tango or salsa for when I’m in the mood for something a little different. Great review!

  • Tzipora

    Have you tried the WeVibe sleeves by chance? I don’t recall what the proper name is for the g spotter one while I like the shape (and end up using it as a dildo occasionally) it totally sucks for transferring the vibration from the Tango and so utterly useless on the clit. I’m super curious about trying the Tantus sleeve and I know their full size dildos carry the vibes fabulously but then I obviously don’t use those on my clit so… I’m wondering how this sleeve compared to WeVibes g spot one. I like broader clitoral stimulation so that’s where I’m thinking hey this could rock but I was so bummed trying that with the WeVibe sleeve… The Tantus spoon is smaller though so I’m thinking it should be better. I can so see what you’re saying as far as an oral sex type feeling. The WeVibe sleeves are a matte silicone so even lubed up well they’re draggier… Think I’m gonna have to try one (and hey with the black Friday sale it would be free, can’t go wrong at that price, right?) But just curious if you’ve got any experience with the WeVibe ones and how it compares. Don’t wanna be bummed out and being a power queen (well I’m on medications and have a lot of health issues, prior to that I was way easier to get off and definitely didn’t need tons of power) I just hope it transfers the vibration better. I usually end up on the top speed of my Tango to get off… But broader stimulation gets me off easier so it may be a fair trade off anyway.

    • I haven’t tried the We-Vibe “Glow” G-spot sleeve yet, but I’ve seen & held it before – it’s definitely far larger and longer than the Tantus Little Secret Sleeves. I really can’t guess well at how strong the vibrations would feel on your clit using the Glow… but what I do know is that the Little Secret Spoon is small and thin enough that the vibrations transfer absolutely wonderfully when used with the Tango.

      Personally I would recommend Tantus Little Secret Sleeves for clitoral use and for retaining the full power of the Tango vibrations (if you used Glow+Tango clitorally, the strongest part of the vibrations would be in your hand). The only disadvantage to the Little Secrets is that they are very small, and can be harder to hold in place since there’s less to hold onto.