Sportsheets Under The Bed Restraint System

Sportsheets Under The Bed Restraint System

“Do you want to tie me down…?”

I’ve learned that when Dradyn asks me this, with his face lit up in a playful grin, he’s actually begging me to strap him into these restraints and have my way with him.

Despite looking a little intimidating out of the box as an unwieldy mass of nylon straps, the Under The Bed Restraint System is simple to figure out. I managed to wrestle the thing into place under my mattress without much difficulty. My mattress sits freely on a platform bed frame, so I was worried the straps might slip around, but these stay in place without a problem. If you’re not completely lazy like me (or need to be discreet) and want to hide the cuffs away when not in use, they easily tuck under the mattress, leaving no trace of their existence. Dradyn and I use these often enough that I usually just shove them next to the bed frame afterward (I’m classy like that).

The cuffs are very soft to the touch; the fabric feels like a mix between faux fur and felt. I can’t imagine more comfortable restraints than these. They are secured to wrists and ankles with a long velcro strip, which makes quick work of either tying down or releasing your partner, and also allows for adjustment to achieve the perfect fit.

The sewing and velcro are strong, and aren’t showing any signs of strain after plenty of use. These will fit well on almost any wrist or ankle: Dradyn’s a big guy who doesn’t even really fit on my bed, and I’m tiny with wrists like twigs. Allowing for 1.5″ of velcro overlap to close, the max cuff circumference is 13.5″, as the cuffs measure 15″ long. Nothing (cuffs, straps, or boyfriend) slips out of place during play, even when only binding the wrists. To be honest, the only downside I can think of is that the sound of velcro ripping apart isn’t exactly what I’d call “erotic.”

This system is perfect for bed frames that don’t have any legs, posts, or other features suitable for tying someone spread-eagle. The nylon straps are easy to shorten or lengthen to meet your specific needs, and are adjustable to fit any size mattress. Another advantage is portability: it doesn’t require very much space to pack for travel, and is easy to install and remove.

If you’re in search of a solution for light bondage play that is easy to use, comfortable, and discreet, I can’t recommend the Under The Bed Restraint System enough. It rocks!

  • I’ve been eying this set up for a while now. We don’t have a headboard and I’ve been craving to be be tied up!

    • This would be perfect for you then!

  • InquisitiveClam

    My fiance and I looked at this set before getting the Fetish Fantasy Web Restraint. I could say a lot of the same good things about ours. It’s easy to set up, fits under the mattress when not in use, is strong and doesn’t move around, and is relatively comfortable. Instead of felt or faux fur, our cuffs have a soft foam padding inside, and it’s soft but makes my wrists and ankles sweat. However, your set is less expensive, which I think would sway me into buying yours if I had it to do over.