Fun Factory Little Dolly

Fun Factory Little Dolly

Awww. What could be sweeter than a small, cute, cotton-candy pink dolphin shaped vibe? I mean, look at this thing. It’s smiling.

This is a pretty nice toy with a moderate range of power. Those who crave intense vibrations will probably want to punch off its charming little face, but this one is an good choice for the more sensitive crowd (and especially anyone who finds even the lowest setting on other vibes to be a bit much).

The Little Dolly has several levels of steady vibration, and three pulse settings of increasing speed, which feel smooth, like rhythmic waves.  The lowest possible vibration is extremely mild and barely noticeable. This vibe is pretty quiet, even on the highest settings, and is waterproof. It comes packaged with a sample of water-based “Toyfluid” lube, which contains glycerin as well as other ingredients I avoid.

The silicone surface is soft and smooth to the touch, without a lot of drag. The pinpoint dolphin nose (beak?) is marketed for G-spot stimulation, but I didn’t particularly like the narrow poking feeling on my G-spot, and penetration proved to be pretty shallow due to the toy’s small size. I found that for me, the Little Dolly felt a lot nicer with its scooping dolphin neck nestling right in place to simultaneously caress both my labia and clit.

This is a decent beginner vibrator, due to the moderate speeds, pulse settings, fun and somewhat discreet shape and size, and reasonable price tag for a quality silicone toy. Plus, it’s just freakin’ adorable.

  • Camryn Jones

    Hmm. Apparently Fun Factory’s been at work being fun for a while. I like stumbling onto pictures/reviews of their discontinued toys 🙂