New York Toy Collective Shilo

New York Toy Collective Shilo Dildo

The New York Toy Collective Shilo has become my #1 favorite silicone dildo.

The toy’s bright, beautiful tie-dyed lime and turquoise create the most amazingly delicious dildo color combo I’ve laid eyes on. But besides its handsome good looks, Shilo is the dildo I very frequently reach for when it’s orgasm time.

Why is it so good?

Squishy Excellentness

Shilo is crafted from a very soft, pliable, flexible silicone, with a strong bendable core. The squish level of the silicone paired with toy’s girth gives me the feeling of fullness I love, without being bulky or uncomfortable. Shilo also features a large pronounced head, which is perfectly shaped and sized for massaging my G-spot with every thrust.

I’m personally not a fan of glossy silicone – I find Shilo’s subtle matte texture feels more realistic, creating a pleasurable drag to the surface during use. Because of this subtle texture, I can feel each stroke of the dildo inside of me. With many dildos, my thrusting tends to be shallow, since I often prefer slow grinding motions (especially with girthy toys). When I use Shilo, I’ve found I vary my thrusting motions more. To me, longer strokes with Shilo are immensely pleasurable, in comparison to longer strokes with a good amount of other dildos I’ve used.

The one and only negative I’ve found with Shilo is that this dildo consumes lube at an alarming rate – something I’ve found is common with the similarly realistic-feeling VixSkin silicone as well. So just make sure your lube bottle is at-the-ready.

Bendy Wonderfulness

Shilo is designed as a “Pack and Play” dildo, meaning the bendable core is in part meant for harnessing the dildo and tucking it away in your pants, ready at any moment to whip it out for fucking. As a skinny 5-foot tall person, I wouldn’t be able to pack Shilo unless I wanted a very obviously ENORMOUS bulge in my pants, so I can’t speak much to this function, but others have applauded its Pack and Play abilities.

For me, the strong, bendable wire core allows for in-the-moment customization, to get the perfect angle for whatever you need. Lying down flat and wanting the base to curve toward you for an easy masturbation handle? Yep. Going at it reverse cowgirl on a Liberator Wing, needing a dildo that bends backwards? Check. More comfortable positioning during strap-on play with a partner? Totally!

New York Toy Collective Shilo

Strap-on Fucking Perfection

Shilo is absolutely perfect for strap-on sex. The soft silicone allows for vigorous thrusting without pain or discomfort to my body. Shilo’s large but squishy head bumps up against my cervix without poking or ramming it.

I find that many dildos are too long for my vagina, which both prevents my partner from entering me fully, and can result in the dreaded cervix punching (ouch). So for me, I love this toy’s moderate 6.5″ length, combined with its 1.5″ diameter girth. My petite body size can manage the entirety of Shilo, making strap-on sex far more enjoyable to me.

The bendable core allows the person harnessing Shilo to pose their penis in aesthetically pleasing ways. It also means when the toy pops out – whether from your pants, or an orifice of some sort – it doesn’t launch out like a silicone catapult. (Let’s just say I’ve been accidentally slapped right in the face with a VixSkin Mustang before…)

And It Looks Good, Too

I find Shilo a very useful as a cam performer, since the toy’s bendable core allows me to move the wide base out of the way of the webcam’s lens. This allows me to show all the dildo-in-vulva action to my viewers, without compromising the insertion angle of the dildo. I can also easily ride this dildo in varying positions on cam, while maintaining a good viewing angle, since I can simply bend the toy into a useable angle for insertion.

Shilo’s large head is popular with my cam viewers, as well as the brilliant tie-dye – I’ve heard every possible way to describe the green & blue colors, from alien and smurf to playdoh and Willy Wonka. This toy also comes in a few other bright marbled Lisa Frank hues, as well as 4 pleasing neutral skin tone shades, jet black, and hot pink.

All of these words are my way of telling the world, “Say yes to Shilo!” This dildo is such a staple in my collection that my cam room regulars can call it out by name. What even was masturbation before this toy entered my life? I can barely remember. I am absolutely in love with the New York Toy Collective Shilo.

This toy was sent to me courtesy of SheVibe in exchange for an honest and thoughtful review. Thank you, SheVibe!

Naked on the internet

Aerie's Room Naked on the Internet
Awesome photo credit: Epiphora

Most people put on clothes to do their jobs. But in my new line of work, I specialize in taking them off.

I was always vaguely aware that live webcam sex work existed on the internet, but three years ago when I discovered Unique Passion’s camming advice YouTube videos, I started to seriously consider trying out cam performing. Originally, it was just a sexy idea that sounded like a fun way to explore my interest in exhibitionism. However, when I nervously brought it up to the person I was dating at the time, he forbade me from doing any such thing. Feeling shamed, I dropped the conversation and left it at that.

Fast forward to earlier this year, when I was working through a career change. Could cam modeling work be a viable source of supplementary income while I trudged through the traditional job search?

I had a lot to think about before I made the decision to become a cam model. Would I regret it later in life, since nothing on the internet will ever go away completely? Would it ultimately just make me feel bad about myself? Would I would be able to deal with jerks who would treat me like some kind of lesser-class human?

After weeks of researching cam work, reading through cam model forums, and just hours and hours of thinking, I finally decided to go for it.

To anyone who assumes that cam modeling is easy, no-effort money – you are mistaken. There are only a magical few who can do absolutely nothing and have money thrown in their general direction. Cam work is hard fucking work, which I think makes it even better. I work hard for every single cent that I earn.

If I’m not live on cam, I’m filming, editing, and distributing photos and videos to sell, building up my social media accounts, working on my website, replying to emails, promoting myself, carefully recording my earnings, brainstorming new ideas… and it’s all worth it, as I watch my work pay off into more followers and fans, regular viewers that I genuinely enjoy spending time with, and income.

I take pride in my new online porn career, and how all my success stems directly from my own efforts running my own business. Camming is now my main source of income, and I no longer feel like I need to pretend it is just a temporary thing until I find a “real job”. My new career makes me feel good about myself, and proud of my business success. I really enjoy every aspect of my work, from performing to marketing to bookkeeping.

I now regularly broadcast my naked body live across the globe to hundreds of viewers each cam session. Getting naked on the internet is the best job I’ve ever had, and I couldn’t be happier.

Aerie’s Guide to Giving Bad-Ass Blowjobs

Aerie's Guide on How To Give Blowjobs

I hate to sound like a cocky bastard when it comes to my sexual skills, but I must admit I’ve received a staggering wave of compliments on my blowjobs from those who have received one. I’ve observed my partners post-orgasm, staring at me incredulously like I’m some kind of Penis Wizard. I’ve witnessed partners brag to others about how I can suck their dick like nobody’s business. I’ve had partners tell me to my face that I rank supreme in oral sex compared to anyone else they’ve ever been with.

So I have to imagine this means that I must be doing something right.

I wasn’t ready to have penis-in-vagina sex until I was 19 and in college, and so I spent an insane of time during my high school years conducting lots of internet research: how to be the best at kissing, how to give the best blowjob, how to give the best handjob… how to be sexy and sensual and erotic and hot as hell. And I did a lot of research. Because I love pleasuring my partners, watching them writhe and moan in ecstasy… and I wanted to be really good in bed. And honestly, I really do love giving head. After years of practice and experimentation, I have developed my own personal blowjob style.

Am I getting rave reviews because I’m really good at going down, or is it because penises are often fairly easy to please? I’m not really sure, but since more than one person has told me they “had no idea oral sex could feel this good”, I will attempt to divulge all my so-called secrets so that you can try them for yourself.

Because it’s pretty damn satisfying to be informed that you just gave your partner the most amazing blowjob they’ve ever had in their life.


Why are they called “blowjobs” when you don’t actually blow? Perhaps it’s because “suckjobs” sounds pretty terrible. Whatever the reason, use your mouth to suck on your partner’s penis. Avoid intense sucking like you’re trying to get that last drop of Triple Chocolate Malt milkshake out of a straw – instead suck sensually, slowly, and rhythmically, like you’re savoring a round piece of hard candy in your mouth, trying to make it last as long as possible.

Use your tongue

As you begin, tease and arouse your partner by using a flat tongue to lick slowly from the very base of the penis, up the shaft all the way to the tip. Sometimes I’ll also do this mid-blowjob when my jaw is tired and I need a quick break. You can also lick in long strokes anywhere and everywhere along the shaft, whenever you need a break, or if you want to add some variety in sensation.

When your partner’s penis is in your mouth, lick while you suck – move your tongue up and down over the frenulum while you suck on the head of the penis. Use the rhythm of sucking to guide the movements of your lips and tongue over the penis. The majority of the time, keep your tongue flat against the shaft for maximum area of contact, but you can occasionally use a pointed tongue just to tease here and there. From what I’ve found, the longer strokes you can lick, and the more firmly you can press your tongue against the penis, the better.

Also, use your tongue to create suction while licking! To see what I mean: open your mouth, stick your tongue out slightly and make it flat, then place the pad of your thumb in the middle. Curl your tongue a bit around your thumbpad, and attempt create suction against your thumb using only your tongue – can you do it? When your partner’s penis is in your mouth, try this suction technique while using your tongue to stroke the underside of the shaft.

Learning to use your tongue well while you are sucking is probably the #1 most important thing to master to achieve Bad-Ass status and blow your partner’s fucking MIND.

No need to bounce your head up and down the entire time

a.k.a. Tips & Techniques for Lazy People Like Me
a.k.a. So far, my laziness seems to be working out pretty well?

I hate bouncing my head up and down while giving a blowjob. I’m just too lazy for that, plus the head bouncing thing hurts my neck and makes me tired and cranky. Besides, I can’t do my signature sucking and tongue things very well if I’m simply pretending my mouth is a masturbation sleeve – and I’m pretty sure my signature sucking and tongue things are the reason people tend to just lose their minds when I’ve got their dick in my mouth.

For most of the blowjob, I have the head of the penis plus a little more in my mouth, and I only very occasionally slide my lips up over the head. The head of the penis tends to be very sensitive, which can feel overwhelming pretty quick to some people. Instead I focus on using my lips to stroke the area just below the corona, and using my tongue to stroke on and below the frenulum.

I’ll generally do a bit of the headbanging here and there, but most of the time my movements are more subtle. My head nods more than thrusts, and I use my tongue, lips, and hand to stroke the rest of the shaft instead.

Which brings me to…

Use your hand

With your partner’s penis in your mouth, wrap your hand around the rest of the shaft to stroke up and down, from the base of the penis up to where your mouth is. Keep the shaft lubed up so you can stroke freely. You can pump the shaft quickly with your hand if your partner prefers faster movements, to get the faster speed without having to thrust your whole head.

Putting all the above together completes my full blowjob technique: Stroke the shaft with one hand, while rhythmically sucking the head plus a little more with your mouth, and using your flat tongue to glide up and down, over and right below the frenulum in time with the rhythm of your sucking.

If you can multitask all that and want to take it to the next level, try using your other hand as well. Experiment to see what your partner likes; I’ve had some partners who go wild when I gently run my fingers up and down both sides of their scrotum, and I’ve had partners who can’t get enough when I stroke their perineum. Alternatively, try running your free hand along their legs or torso, or if your partner’s penis is long, use both hands on the shaft while you suck!

Whenever your mouth is tired and you need a break, use your hand to stroke the whole shaft while you give your jaw a rest. Use this handjob interlude to ask your partner how they are feeling, talk dirty to them, kiss their stomach and legs, lick around the base of their penis, or just breathe and moan with your lips close to their body. Or just enjoy the moment; don’t feel pressured to be doing something mind-blowing every single second.

Salivate, a lot

This makes for easy gliding. You can use bottled lube if you prefer1 (simple and quick, especially if this trick sounds gross and you would rather not drool everywhere) but I’m a freak and I like to just keep drooling uncontrollably and making a giant mess (use a Liberator Throe if you want to avoid the dreaded wet spot on your sheets). However you do it, keeping things constantly wet makes everything a whole lot easier.

Something sexy to try: Work up a good bit of spit, then slide your partner’s penis out of your mouth, leaving your lips parted and your very wet tongue slightly out. Then pull back slowly, letting a string of saliva drip over their cock for a pretty hot visual.

Don’t worry about making weird slurpy noises

Giving good head is a noisy operation and all the sucking is bound to make loud weird slurp sounds on occasion. It’s natural and nothing to be mortified about, and chances are the slurpy sounds will only turn on your partner more.

You can even use slurping sounds to your advantage if you are giving head to a dildo in a strap-on harness – since my girlfriend doesn’t feel the same physical sensations from a dildo, a lot of her pleasure comes from the visuals and the sounds I make when giving her a blowjob.

If your partner gives you a bad time about the noises you make while you’re blowing them, then I’m #sorrynotsorry but that person really does not deserve to have your mouth on their penis.


Not the whole time, but every now and then, if you feel like it. Sometimes I just can’t help myself. I also like to use moaning as a way to show my partner that I am enjoying it as much as they are. It’s just sexy all around.

You don’t have to deep-throat to be good

I gag pretty damn easily. I have exactly zero desire to deep-throat, so I don’t even try. Kudos to those who do it and love to, but if I can give stellar blowjobs without deep-throating, so can you.

You don’t have swallow to be good

You don’t ever have to swallow if you don’t want to. I’ll swallow my partner’s come on the rare occasion if I feel like it, but generally I hate swallowing (it tends to make me gag). Instead, I personally enjoy feeling my partner ejaculate in my mouth, and then I let their come dribble out and down their shaft and allow it to make a mess everywhere2.

Do whatever you’re comfortable with, and feel confident about it. If your partner tries to make you feel bad about not wanting to swallow, or gets upset if you don’t want them to come in your mouth, they are not a worthy sex partner. Know your limits and stick to them; no matter what they are, you still can be sexy as hell and amazing in bed.

Pay attention to your partner

It seems like a given, but take this one to heart (besides, this applies to any sexual activity). You can read all the tips & tricks in the world, but your partner is not a robot – the best blowjob of their life can’t be attained by administering a pre-programmed routine. Something that works for one person might not work for another person, so make sure to watch and listen to your partner to figure out what they do and don’t like.

Also, don’t be afraid to ask if they like what you’re doing – if I feel like I need to check in with my partner verbally, I’ll pause just to gaze up and ask, “Good?” or “You like that?” If they nod or moan back their approval, I’ll dive right back in.

Bonus tip: Watch your partner whenever they masturbate in front of you – it can give you clues on how best they like their penis handled. Do they stroke their whole shaft, or just toward the head? How fast do they move their hand? How tightly do they grip their penis? Log this info away in your brain and use it to tune your oral techniques to their liking.

Enjoy doing it

You are never obligated to do something sexual that you do not want to do. Not ever.

When you really do enjoy giving blowjobs, however, it shows; your partner can tell, and it is seriously hot. I really do love going down on a penis – it turns me on to give my partner so much pleasure, especially when I know I am good at it. When you love to do it, your enthusiasm will turn on your partner, and you will find it easy to improve your skills and tailor your techniques to those your partner likes best.

Try my suggestions because you want to, and go down on your partner because you like it. If you absolutely despise giving head, don’t sweat it – find other things to do together that you enjoy.

But if you love it? Then I hope my suggestions help you give your partners the most amazing blowjob they’ve ever had in their life.

Pictured in the Penis Anatomy photo is my beloved VixSkin Mustang, a wonderfully squishy, detailed dual-density silicone dildo by Vixen Creations. Get this glorious toy from SheVibe to practice your blowjob skills, or to use on yourself or someone else!

  1. Plain lube works fine if it doesn’t have a weird or bitter taste (Sliquid H2O is perfect) or try flavored lube if you like… I am a fan of Sliquid Swirl Cherry Vanilla – it tastes like marzipan to me []
  2. I’ll admit I have a fetish for seeing and feeling my partner come absolutely everywhere in a giant mess []

My Ten High School Boyfriends

Aerie Pilgrim vs the World

Ahh, those awkward memories of high school… my days of rapid-fire serial monogamy, uncontrollable hormones, confusing friends-with-benefits-type-situations, and obsession with Japanese boys. I had a severe addiction to new relationship energy; as soon as the emotional high of an existing relationship started to fade, I’d discover a shiny new male creature to fall in love with. I thrived on developing new crushes and “trying out” different kinds of people.

I racked up a score of ten boyfriends during that time – thank god high school only lasted four years.

1. The Tiger

His crush on my best friend went unrequited, so he dated me instead. He smelled strongly of cologne and I secretly named one of my Neopets after him.1 We were each other’s first kiss, one quiet afternoon in his room after school. He was excited to have me cheer for him at all his upcoming soccer games… I bailed from the relationship before I had to go to any.

2. The Werewolf

I didn’t know it was possible for someone to be so bad at kissing. His mouth came at me with teeth bared and he nearly chewed off my entire face. How do you inform someone they need to work on snog-improvement, without hurting their feelings? It got slightly better over time, and I endured it because his spiky hair was the coolest. He broke up with me because I cut my long tresses really short.

3. The Alley Cat

He went to high school in a neighboring city, so I only saw him at my after-school kung fu class. We traded handwritten notes to each other every time we met. In one note, he created a riddle to tell me who he was crushing on. Part of the riddle asked me to think of a “four letter green-colored fruit”, and all I could think of was “lime”… which led me to a weird final answer and I begrudgingly decided I was not the person he liked. I found out later that I was an idiot and the green fruit was supposed to be “kiwi”.

Once we started dating, I fell hard for him, but he seemed a little disingenuous at times and I was never 100% sure if he had other girls on the side. After we broke up, we maintained a friends-with-benefits relationship throughout the rest of high school, and I still loved him, yet hated him at the same time. He then dated two of my close friends; one of these relationships was specifically kept a secret from me, and I didn’t find out about it until years later.

My heart finally felt freed from the drama late one night when I dug up all his old notes I had saved, ritualistically cut them into tiny pieces, and thrust them dramatically into the recycling bin.2

4. The Phoenix

He was from Japan, in town for a local high school gymnastics competition. He won 7 gold medals and gave me one them as a gift. During that one week he was visiting, we chatted as best as we could despite the language barrier. For a couple months afterward, we emailed each other love notes and photos, until finally falling out of touch.

5. The Shiba

He was an exchange student at our high school from Japan. I honestly can’t remember all that much about him, except that his hair was bleached an awful shade of muddy orange. He gave me his watch, which I wore all the time even though it was ten sizes too big for my tiny wrist. Despite his adorable misuse of American slang, he spoke in broken English with confidence.

6. The Wood Mouse

He was much older and in my kung fu class. It was probably illegal for him to make out with me, but we would kiss on the back stairway of the martial arts building during break. According to him, I was both his first kiss and first girlfriend since he was very shy. I broke up with him when I left for a six-month exchange program to Japan. He shipped a teddy bear to me overseas for my birthday.

7. The Cockroach

(Trigger Warning: Nonconsent)

I sat behind him on the back of his bicycle, and he took me all around the tiny Japanese fishing town where I lived during my exchange program. He was a classmate at my host high school. One evening in his room, he kept pressuring me to let him touch my boobs. Finally I caved because he wouldn’t take no for an answer. He kept excitedly telling me how huge they were (they weren’t…). He tried to pressure me into letting him do more; I pushed him away and broke up with him soon after.

8. The Red Panda

The exchange student from Canada became my closest friend during my homestay in Japan, and she was dating a boy from the neighboring town’s high school. I met and started dating a boy from that high school as well. Apparently our two boyfriends were “rivals” and hated each other, but we convinced them to go on double dates with us anyway. He played bass in a band with his friends, his favorite band was called BUMP OF CHICKEN, and his #1 most favorite movie of all time was Armageddon.

One of the best memories of my life was when he took me out on an ocean dock one night, a fair distance into the water from our tiny fishing town on the coast of rural Japan. We were surrounded by a few local fisherman, busy at work; we lied down on the wood planks and stared up into the sky. I was absolutely blown away – never had I seen so many stars all at once, or even imagined it was possible to observe that many with the naked eye. The sky was illuminated and lush with crystal clear stars, the Milky Way strewn across the scene like a perfect painting. The view was so stunning that it didn’t even look real. I never wanted to leave that moment.

9. The Raven

I was back in the U.S. and it was the last half of my senior year. He was emo… very emo, and looked like Jeff Goldblum. He shared strange indie music tracks with me, and burned me a data CD of funny videos (which sounds a little like printing out a website, but this was pre-YouTube). We made out in a bathroom stall at the zoo, and rallied together for Kucinich at our high school’s mock Democratic convention. He wore a ruffled mint-colored tux to prom. We dated for one week.

10. The Chimera

He was the unconquerable king of Dance Dance Revolution, but I could beat him in Soul Calibur just by button-mashing the Playstation controller. He studied classical music and poked fun at my favorite pop songs. We talked about gender, and stayed up late together posting on nerdy online forums. I was older than him, though, so when I went to college and he didn’t… it never could have lasted.

  1. Yes, I played Neopets in high school. There was nothing else to do in my suburb. []
  2. I’m a true and native Portlander, after all. []



Jaipur is a two-player card game where my boyfriend is overly protective of his camel herd and cheats by hiding his camels up his sleeve, on the floor, and down his pants. But let’s rewind a bit first…

I spent many years completely ignoring two-player-only games. Back then, I frequently hosted large board game parties and would generally scoff at anything that couldn’t accommodate at least 6 players, if not more. Over time, however, I’ve grown to appreciate the value of games specifically designed for quieter evenings, when it’s just me and one (or both) of my partners.

My newfound quest is to hunt down the games that play really well with just two or three people. Jaipur is a perfect example – this fantastic card game is designed for exactly two, and I’ve hacked the rules to play with three!

As a strategy game somewhere between light to medium in weight, Jaipur’s solid gameplay has enough variables to keep things enjoyable, without escalating to intense or aggressive levels – if your opponent is your significant other, this is probably not one of those games capable of ruining your relationship.


In Jaipur, you are competing against your opponent to become the Maharaja’s personal trader. There are six types of goods, reflected in the cards and the round tokens: Leather, Spices, and Cloth, plus the more valuable Silver, Gold, and Diamonds. Players work on collecting matching sets of goods cards in their hand, and then sell sets to obtain the corresponding tokens. Tokens award varying amounts of rupees, and at the end of each round, the player with the most rupees receives one Seal of Excellence. Each new round, the whole game is reset – and the first player to obtain two Seals of Excellence wins the game.

Goods cards go into your hand, and camel cards go on the table into your herd. In the middle of the table, there is a market of five cards (some combination of goods and/or camels) available to both players. On your turn, you can take from (or trade cards with) the market, using your hand of goods and/or your herd of camels, or you can sell goods from your hand to collect tokens from the top of the matching stack.

In Jaipur, the strategy comes from determining the optimal time to sell your goods. You are rewarded for selling goods earlier than your opponent, as the token stacks are arranged with higher-valued tokens toward the top of the stack. However, you are also rewarded for waiting to collect larger sets of goods in your hand, since selling larger sets of goods allows you to obtain special bonus tokens (which give you bonus rupees). Balancing your camel herd is also important, as camels are used to trade with the market.


Now, back to my boyfriend, who is a Jaipur cheater and likes to creepily hide all his camel cards in a stack out of my sight, usually on the floor. According to the rulebook, you are not required to let your opponent know how many camel cards you possess during the game, but it also says to place your camel herd face up in a stack in front of you. So someone please call the board game police, because despite my complaints, he would still rather eat his entire camel herd than allow me to observe its existence.

Also, can we talk about how one of the camel cards is unique from all the others, and features a cute little panda peeking out from within the camel’s carpet bundle? Although the panda-camel card doesn’t affect gameplay, this adorable card was the house favorite – until we found out the distressing and very-not-adorable fact that the panda depicted is actually a panda pelt. As in dead panda corpse.1

We cried.

After holding a funeral for the murdered panda, my two partners and I developed a Jaipur rules variant for three people, modified from some suggestions on the BoardGameGeek forums. With just a couple tweaks, we’ve found the game plays really well with three!

Aerie’s 3-Player Jaipur Variant

•  Deal 4 cards to each player during setup.
•  Maximum hand size is 6 cards.
•  The game ends either when 4 piles of goods are depleted, or when the draw pile runs out.
•  Seals of Excellence aren’t used; just play each round as a separate game.

Jaipur is a great game for two players (or three with my rules variant), and comes with high-quality cards, sturdy cardboard tokens, beautiful artwork, and a brilliant box insert. If you spend a lot of time gaming with one partner (or friend/family member/robot clone), this game is a must-have for that perfect combo of clever strategy and lighter-weight gameplay.

Game Overview:

  • Number of players: 2
  • Best with: 2 players (or 3 with my rules variant!)
  • Playing time: 30 minutes
  • Category: Hand Management, Set Collection, Trading
  • Expansions: N/A
  • Designer: Sébastien Pauchon
  • Publisher: GameWorks

  1. Apparently the special card is a game designer inside joke, referring to a close race between two other games for the prestigious Spiel des Jahres award. []
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